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50668aastha_ggs.jpg/Aastha, Satyawati
The most inspiring sir(Sudhir sir ) I have ever met . At first I was little insecure as I was little late in joining the institute (I opt for crash course) But the way all the faculties specially Sudhir sir had taught was amazing . The assignment are best for well preparing for the entrance . If solved thoroughly (assignments) Selection is guaranteed .. I can only say just trust Sudhir sir as Sir is best.

25957ayushi_ggsipu.jpg/Ayushi Gupta, GGS College
Thanks to sudhir sir for giving me an incredible experience. I have been so happy and comfortable from almost the moment I got here.The Coaching Institute has given me a lot of confidence! I have learned so much through The Deep School of Economics and i enjoyed every minute of it. So I thank you with all my heart for helping me find my purpose in life. Sudheer sir you are great I will miss your class a lot Selected in DSE, 2017

11310nitish_gupta.jpg/Nitish , Shyamlal College
Joining Deep School of Economics for M.A. Eco Entrance classes helped me build a strong foundation of basics of Economics. It refined my existing concepts and helped me discover various other dimensions. The founder Mr Sudhir has a very innovative way of teaching that makes the class interactive and productive. He is also very supportive and helpful and so are other faculties and staff. I am very satisfied with classes, study material and curriculum design Selected in DSE 2017

337825mamta_srcc.jpg/Mamta, SRCC
Best coaching for DSE Entrance examination .I got here much more than what I paid .Sudheer Sir's teaching method is unique. the main thing what we learn here is developing the ability to 1st.correlate the subject with the examples of life and 2nd conceptual clearity. He keeps on motivating his students.He did not teach us only statistics but lessons for life also. I will miss sudheer sir and deep institute throughout my life ........thanks a lot sir ...I am blessed that I could get guidance by you. Selected in DSE, 2018

148426pranav.jpg/Pranav Pilaniya, Satyawati College
I am Pranav Pilaniya, a graduate of Satyawati college (eve.). I have joined Deep School of Economics after a through research in June 2017. I have cleared entrance exam for DSE 2018. The classes by Sudhir sir and Praveen sir has helped me greatly in clearing the exam. The teaching method was very student friendly and concepts were very thoroughly cleared. The doubt clearing sessions were also very helpful. I would like to thank Sudhir sir and Praveen sir for everything. Selected in DSE, 2018

133706amit.jpg/Harshit Garg, Satyawati college
Joining Deep School of Economics for M.A. Eco entrance classes helped me build a strong foundation of Economics. With the best faculty and a good test series, I was able to crack the exam with ease. The classes are quite enjoyable with no boring lectures and a great practical knowledge. Thank you for helping me in achieving my dreams. Selected in DSE, 2017.

noimage.jpgSakshi Agrawal ,Dyal singh college
Sudhir sir funds+ conceptual clarity. I find D.S.E & I.S.I MATHS & STATS questions easy now ,tips & tricles are also very helpful. One-on-one doubt solving sessions. My one of the best decssion to get registered in this institute. Thanks Sir/Ma'am for all things

noimage.jpgVivek, jakirhussain
Highlight of DEEP SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS is Sudhir sir.his teaching .I have never seen such an energetic person having abundant knowledge of STATS, MATHS and ECONOMICS

noimage.jpgDiksha, satyawati
The students if needed extra class is provided .Fabulous Faculty! Helpful teachers!

noimage.jpgChaheti , Miranda college
STATS, MATHS, ECONOMATRICS is taught by giving practical example which broadans our thinking ability . where our thinking ability stops, from their the gives us questions to impear our knowledge Sudhir sir, us the best among all.

noimage.jpgDipti, kamla Nehru college
Friendly atmosphere with students as well as with teachers is seen here. The students who have language issue are given special care. No discrimination all students are given equal importance.

noimage.jpgSachi, kamla Nehru college
Best institute for M.A ECONOMICS ENTRANCE Good teaching technique is used perfect example are given to explain any topic special attention is given to each student

noimage.jpgShubhi, DRC
Deep School of Economics is great for people who want to do M.A. ECO. in future. It’s the only good one available for m.a. aspirants. Sudhir Sir is an amazing teacher. He can make you understand the concept in a way that you can easily remember it

noimage.jpgSiddhi, Saint Zavier
This institute definitely helps you with concepts and tricks and exam oriented assignments are provided. Previous year questions are very well dealt. Doubts are taken seriously. Overall good institute .

noimage.jpgAstha, Satyawati College
Under the guidance of Sudhir Sir and other faculty members of Deep School of Economics, I have cracked D.S.E. Entrance (2017) in my first attempt. All the doubts are cleared here as soon as possible, and the tests and discussions are held regularly.

“ Studying at Deep School of Economics is a life changing experience. Meeting the hardworking and dedicated faculties like Sudhir Sir and Saheba Mam has been a pleasure. Sudhir Sir is the best mathematics teacher yet I have met. The way he taught and example he gave had made my concept more clear. Saheba Mam is the one of the most hardworking teacher I have ever seen. She made us familiar with variety of economics questions which were very useful for us in preparing for DSE, JNU, IGIDR, ISI and other economics entrance exams. The best thing about this MA economics coaching center is that unlike any other center the teachers don’t behave like a professional but like true friends. ”

293039testi-11.png/Sagar Sachdeva
“ Deep School of Economics prepared me for each and every topic related to Maths and Economics in such an extensive manner that I was able to grasp almost every topic very well. Sudhir Sir continuously supported me with the subjects and his in-depth knowledge about the subjects is applaudable. The perfect blend of Knowledge and Motivation helped me get 3rd Rank in IPU and gave a hope for a lot more to come.”

46840testi-8.png/Swati Yadav
"I am so grateful that out of all institutions, I chose Deep School of Economics, and got a chance to study with Sudhir Sir. He is a very genuine person and makes a lot of efforts so that his students can understand every bit of each topic. He takes away the monotonous part of the study with his humors, which makes classes more interesting and lively. It was good to be a part of D.S.E family.

"It's great to be a student of Deep School of Economics. Teachers here motivate me and look for the ways to encourage every student. I always had difficulty in understanding mathematics but after taking classes in Deep School of Economics, i have no problem with mathematics anymore. it seems to be interesting now. Deep institute is a great platform for bright future. I am too much satisfied with this institute.

300034testi-6.png/Anushka Chauhan
"Deep School of Economics is one of the best institutes for the preparation of entrance exam for masters in economics, in Delhi. It focuses on every minute detail which is vital to one's selection for the desired entrance. I found this institute very promising for clearing of doubts and problems in economics. It has given me a specified goal which has proven very useful to me. I highly appreciate its teaching faculty and the way it teaches. And I will be recommending this institute if I have to in future.

"Deep School of Economics is a very good institute for those students who really want to achieve something in ife.. Studying here is absolute fun and the knowledge you gain from here is amazing. A very amazing style of teaching lets you understand the concepts and the solve the problems very easily... I love studying here...

191854testi-1.png/Abhishek Dureja
“I take immense pride in writing this review for Deep School of Economics and share it with You. When I initially joined Deep School of Economics I wasn't pretty confident of the Decision which I took, but I now appreciate that Decision of mine. As soon as I joined DSE coachig I discovered a way of seeing Mathematics and Economics in a totally unexplored way, all credits to Sudhir Sir and Saheba Ma'am. Specially the way Sudhir Sir teaches Mathematics and Correlates its applicability in Economics and day to day affairs is just exceptional. Moreover I cannot forget the simplest and unique examples I used to get from Sir to understand Mathematics. Saheba Ma'am, though is less experienced but is very hard working and solved numerous doubts of mine whenever I had them. I asked weirdest questions but she never hesitated in answering them. Well at the end I just thank every person related to DSE coaching center for such great support and guidance which i needed to crack ma economics entrance of Delhi School of Economics and JNU.”

224736testi-4.png/Lipika (Kalindi College)
“Deep School of Economics is the best institute for me. Teachers of this institute teach us in a good manner and make visualize all the topics such that we can relate it with our daily life. Most important thing that I like most is that they are very honest and don't misguide student for their profits or earning. Sudhir sir and praveen sir both are very good teachers that I have seen yet. Mainly examples which they give are very awesome that refresh or entertain us and clear concepts as well. And I am satisfied with my decision to join deep”

38326testi-10.png/Daveer abass
“Dear sir sudhir, when i joined your coaching i was unprepared in all the topics. As a normal B.A Pragramme boy, starting classes was making me feel very low everyday. But as days passed, you gave me confidence to fight and your inspirational quotes and every dialogue in each classes was very supportive for me. It is my personal experience which i got from you- the way you teach and make you 100% effort is speechless to describe. I was weak in every topic, but now i can feel the confidence in myself which is given only by you and your hard efforts for you students. Dear sir many times you said- you are giving you 100% to us and we can crack this entrance if we go along with you. This has given me immence confidence and i will make it through the entrance with ur blessings and hard support for which i feel extremely lucky. Thankyou sir i will always remember you through my life.”

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